His House-Innsbruck Studios Masters for CD, HD, 5.1 DVD and, is an accredited Mastering facility for MFiT (Mastered for iTunes)

“Mastering is the final creative step in the record making chain and the first step in the manufacturing process.  The purpose of creative mastering is to enhance as much of the musicality that is inherent in the master mixes. Is it bright enough? Enough bass? Does it punch? Does it communicate as much of the artistic vision the artist intended?  The collection of mixes that make up an album have never “lived” together before so you have to be sure that they all flow properly from one to another.  Level controls, equalization (similar to your bass and treble controls, but any frequency) and compression or limiting are the main tools, but there are many other types of enhancement that can be used as well.  Once it is creatively approved, a great mastering engineer will put on their manufacturing hat and carefully “quality control” for any anomalies or problems.

When a recording is mixed, everyone tries to get it as perfect as possible and usually, taken on its own terms, it is often very good.  When the record is going to be competing with all other commercial recordings on a server like iTunes it is important that the new recoding sound competitive in quality and level.  But by far the most important thing is to be sure every second of the record is sounding as good as it possibly can be and that all of the relationships between the songs flow properly.”
Bob Ludwig \


MFiT (Mastered for iTunes)

– Apple’s proprietary AAC format is a spectacular achievement in the delivery of hi-fidelity audio to consumers; Roman Klun is also an accredited Mastering Engineer on the providers list for MFiT (Mastered for iTunes): “Music as the Artist and Sound Engineer Intended.”





96K & 192K HD – AIFF, ALAC, WAV, FLAC High Definition Mastering

– An HD file is not compressed like an Mp3, it contains even more sound data than a physical CD.  An HD file is a one to one exact digital copy of the master tape. There is no better way to hear recorded music on this planet than hearing an HD hi res file played back via your computer or your digital music server with a good pair of speakers.  You can even take Master Quality with you on the go with all the new portable hi res players on the market now.  When you hear back  96/24 or 192/24 files, it’s like watching the highest quality 80 inch Plasma HDTV with a blu ray as its source.


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