His House-Innsbruck Studios mixes audio for film, TV and multi-media in 5.1 surround sound

Film, TV & Multi-Media Credits of Note:

The Nut Job, Daniel’s Daughter, The Care Bears, One Track Heart, Sea Monsters, Survivor, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Hallmark, Nelvana, IMAX, The Loop Loft, Sonic Reality, Novalogic, Blizzard Ent., and various 5.1 & LCR Surround Sound symphony film scores.

A Small World

Regardless of where you may reside (Taiwan, Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco), Source-Live enables instant world-wide access over the internet (Fiber-Optic) to your listening environment (studio control room, laptop and even your iPhone). We can email you the “Live link” or “iPhone app,” you can open your “Source-Live Gateway” web page or by streaming directly in QuickTime and you can start listening immediately.  You will be able to hear the mix in “real-time” through your own familiar speaker environment for addressing any mix tweaks.  Melodyne is also one of the benefits for vocal tuning touch-ups or that last minute guitar solo without having to be at the studio in person.  See our eMixing page (Tweaked Master) for further details by clicking here.


His House-Innsbruck Studios is nestled among Danbro Rehearsal Studios, the Sweatshop, The Wick and The Well performance venues, Newtown Radio,  and the Exit Room art gallery; a community of musicians, artists and other creative professionals located two blocks from the L train on the border of Bushwick and Williamsburg.  Housed in the former Hittleman Brewery, an historic building erected in 1867 and a surviving gem on Brooklyn’s once famed Brewer’s Row where 17 breweries encompassed 9 blocks of land – from Scorcese to 50 CentAnimal Collective to No Age, National Geographic, to Pitchfork TV and for hundreds of independent artists, the 75,000 square feet of raw 19th century industrial space has proven an unparalleled location.  When fully completed, the complex will be the single largest community of its kind in New York City.

Brooklyn / “brʊklɪn” is the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs, with about 2.6 million people, as well as the second-largest in area.  Brooklyn has played a major role in various aspects of American culture including literature, cinema and theater.  The Brooklyn accent is often portrayed as “typical New York” in American television and film.  Brooklyn hosts the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and the second largest public art collection in the United States, housed in the Brooklyn Museum.  It has in its permanent collection more than 1.5 million objects, from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art.  The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) includes a 2,109-seat opera house, an 874-seat theater, and the art house BAM Rose Cinemas.  Brooklyn Technical High School has the second-largest auditorium in New York City (after Radio City Music Hall), with a seating capacity of over 3,000. /read the full story…

Famous Brooklynites: Woody Allen – director, Dom DeLuise – actor, Neil Diamond –  singer, Richard Dreyfuss – Actor, David Geffen – media mogul, George Gershwin – composer and younger brother of Ira, Ira Gershwin – lyricist and one-time collaborator with brother George, Marvin Hamlisch – Academy Award-winning composer of film scores, Anne Hathaway – Actress, Richie Havens – folk singer-songwriter, actor; first performer at the original Woodstock, Jimmy Iovine – Entrepreneur, record producer and film producer, Jay-Z – rapper and entrepreneur, Norah Jones – musician, actress, Carole King – singer-songwriter, Spike Lee – film director, Barry Manilow – singer-songwriter, Eddie Murphy – actor and comedian, Maxwell – R&B, neo-soul singer, songwriter, producer, musician, Marky Ramone – drummer of the punk band The Ramones, Eddie Rabbitt – singer-songwriter, Lou Reed – singer-songwriter, Buddy Rich – drummer and big band leader, Barbra Streisand – actress, singer, director, political activist, Tony Visconti – Musician, Producer, etc…