The Studio facility in Brooklyn – New York City is a partnership of ‘Aaron Comess’ and ‘RK\ Roman Klun’ where concepts, intuition, digital and analog technology come together to create inspiring, captivating, timeless and award winning music for album, film, TV and multi-media formats.


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Innsbruck Records – Music | Management | Media

* 3 Grammy Nominations | Platinum & Gold Awards for record sales at Pop/Rock exceeding 10 million | #1 Album debut at Billboard | #1 debut at iTunes |  Thirteen #1’s at Jazz Radio | Top ten at Blues Radio | 2 Juno wins (Canada) | A Golden Melody Award win (Taiwan)  | An Academy Award win for Best Original Song In A Motion Picture *

The Studio:

Our control room houses a Graham Langley/Rupert Neve co-designed 36 channel (72 on mix) “Amek-Angela” recording  console. With our state-of-the-art ProTools HD-10 & Native 12 digital recording platforms and 3.1/5.1 surround sound mixing experience, we also take pride in maintaining our roots with the capabilities of mixing to analog tape on our Studer A-80 MKIV half inch master recorder, originally purchased by Sterling Sound, NYC.  The healthy outboard rack consists of Manley, Tubetronix, Neve, Focusrite, Urei, Eventide, Avalon, Summit, Orban, Lexicon and Apogee along with the timekeeper, Apogee’s Big Ben (Crystal based Digital PPL) house clock.  The studio’s software consists of Melodyne, Universal Audio (UAD-2 Quad), Waves Platinum, Altiverb, Stylus, EastWest/Quantum Leap Orchestra, Ivory II American Concert D, among others.  (equipment & microphone list available upon request).  The Mono, Stereo, LCR and 5.1 mix and mastering playback in the studios control room is converted through Apogee’s high-end SE (Special-Edition) Rosetta 800.  Tannoy DMT 12, Tannoy System 800, Dynaudio M2 and Yamaha NS-10m studio monitors are also standard along with our Boston Steinway & Sons 6′ 4″ Grand Piano, Hammond C2 organ & 122 Leslie, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and 7 drum kits (2 Yamaha Vintage, Yamaha Club Custom, Gretsch, Brady and 2 Slingerland).

His House-Innsbruck Studios features a distinctive 14 foot ceiling creating a space where musical instruments, vocals and strings resonate openly and clearly.  The studios five rooms include the tight and accurate Tannoy housed “Control Room” (21′ x 17′), the “Drum Room” (18′ x 15′), the “Vocal Iso Room” (8′ x 5′), the “Guitar/Bass Iso Room” (8′ x 5′) and the “Boston Steinway & Sons 6′ 4″ Grand Piano ISO Room” (10′ x 9′).  Each room is equipped with a private cue headphone system.

Awards & Recognitions:

The proprietors have collectively garnered an Ivy League list of awards, including 3 Grammy nominations, a Film/TV-Genie (Oscar) win, a Multi-Platinum and Gold Award Win for record sales at pop/rock exceeding 10 million in record sales, a JPF-Hollywood nomination, a Juno win (Canada), a Golden Melody Award win (Taiwan) and a #1 Album debut at Billboard, a #1 debut at iTunes, eleven #1’s at Jazz Radio and a top ten at Blues Radio. We are also recognized by the A.E.S. (Audio Engineering Society) for work in 5.1 Surround Sound – Film, TV and Multi-Media Formats and on the providers list for Apple’s MFiT (Mastered for iTunes): “Music as the Artist and Sound Engineer Intended.”

Additional endeavors include recording at European studios and/or larger NYC, Nashville, L.A. symphony sized studios, returning to overdub, edit, mix and master in-house.  Our recognized success with live recordings at concert halls and music venues continue to also deliver quality results and #1’s.

Record Credits of Note:

24/7 Spyz, The Band 3, Anthrax, Devon Avenue, Chris Bergson Band, Peter Bernstein, Edie Brickell, A Tribute To Jackson Browne, Ben Butler, Dominic Chianese, Jimmy Cobb, Cyrus Chestnut, Aaron Comess Group, Murali Coryell, George Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Eddie Henderson, Jack Douglass, Paul Intson, Mark Kostabi, Krishna Das, Spin Doctors, Kurt Elling, Orrin Evans, Steve Gadd, David Hazeltine, The Holmes Brothers, Norah Jones, Marc Jordan, Morgan James, Eiji Kadota, Bill Laswell, Pete Levin, The Tony Levin Band, Lighthouse, Elaine Paige, Gregory Porter, Harold Mabern, James Maddock, Jerry Marotta, Rick Marotta, The Met Band (featuring Joe Caro, Paul Shaffer, Randy Brecker, Lew Soloff, Anton Fig, Blue Lou Marini, Conrad Korsch and Clifford Carter), Jane Monheit, Renne Rosnes, Sarah McLachlan, Murray McLauchlan, George Michael, New York Electric Piano, Joan Osborne, Ceili Rain, Phil Ramone, Dave Rave, Haley Reinhart, Pete Seeger, Paul Stache, Lindiwe Suttle, Ian Thomas, Jenna Torres, Gino Vannelli, Maestro Fresh Wes and Mika Yoshida to name a few…

Film, TV & Multi-Media Credits of Note:

The Nut Job, Daniel’s Daughter, The Care Bears, One Track Heart, Sea Monsters, Survivor, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Hallmark, Nelvana, IMAX, The Loop Loft, Sonic Reality, Novalogic, Blizzard Ent., and various 5.1 – LCR Surround Sound symphony film scores.

Remote Mixing & Recording:

Regardless of where you may reside (Taiwan, Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco), Source-Live enables instant world-wide access over the internet (Fiber-Optic) to your listening environment (studio control room, laptop and even your iPhone). We can email you the “Live link” or “iPhone app,” you can open your “Source-Live Gateway” web page or by streaming directly in QuickTime and you can start listening immediately.  You will be able to hear the mix in “real-time” through your own familiar speaker environment for addressing any mix tweaks.  Melodyne is also one of the benefits for vocal tuning touch-ups or that last minute guitar solo without having to be at the studio in person.  See our eMixing page (Tweaked Master) for further details by clicking here.


His House-Innsbruck Studios is nestled among Danbro Rehearsal Studios, The Sweatshop, Music First Productions (sound & lighting), The Well, Newtown Radio, and the Exit Room art gallery; a community of musicians, artists and other creative professionals located two blocks from the L train in East Williamsburg.  Housed in the former Hittleman Brewery, an historic building erected in 1867 and a surviving gem on Brooklyn’s once famed Brewer’s Row where 17 breweries encompassed 9 blocks of land – from Scorcese to 50 CentAnimal Collective to No Age, National Geographic, to Pitchfork TV and for hundreds of independent artists, the 75,000 square feet of raw 19th century industrial space has proven an unparalleled location.  When fully completed, the complex will be the single largest community of its kind in New York City.

Brooklyn / “brʊklɪn” is the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs, with about 2.6 million people, as well as the second-largest in area.  Brooklyn has played a major role in various aspects of American culture including literature, cinema and theater.  The Brooklyn accent is often portrayed as “typical New York” in American television and film.  Brooklyn hosts the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and the second largest public art collection in the United States, housed in the Brooklyn Museum.  It has in its permanent collection more than 1.5 million objects, from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art.  The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) includes a 2,109-seat opera house, an 874-seat theater, and the art house BAM Rose Cinemas.  Brooklyn Technical High School has the second-largest auditorium in New York City (after Radio City Music Hall), with a seating capacity of over 3,000. /read the full story…